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Just as our academic success hinges upon the diligence of our students and teachers, so too, our students and teachers depend upon the alliance of alumni, parents – current & past, grandparents, and benefactors who continue to support the school and our mission with their generosity.

Tuition revenue provides the resources for much of the cost of operating the school. However, it does not cover all of our expenses.

Gifts to Neumann are put to good use making scholarships available to deserving young men and women, enhancing student programs, and supporting the maintenance of our beautiful facility.

We are a Catholic high school on the move, progressing into the future with great promise. We maintain high academic standards, promote leadership, and encourage a lifelong commitment to Christian community service.

The Salesian Sisters, faculty, staff, coaches, and the young men and women who benefit from your kindness rely on your generosity to keep St. John Neumann strong.

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