Our rigorous college prep curriculum creates a framework that guides students on a path to achieve their goals for college acceptances. Our course offerings, college advisory program and service minded culture ensure students are well prepared for success at the next level of their education.


All students meet quarterly with their assigned Advisors in an interview style setting to discuss current progress and set upcoming goals directed toward college application readiness. Students will be on a first name basis with the Guidance Counselor & Advisors, who all actively support both the student and parents through the college application & financial aid submission processes.


Through our lease-to-own program, each student receives a school issued iPad. Technology usage is integrated with academics, as both an educational enhancement and user tool for our students. These skills will be required of students when they enter college.


Levels: College Prep / Honors / Honors with Advanced Placement

Coursework Graduation Requirements (28 credits)

  • English (4)
  • Mathematics (4)
  • Religion/Theology (4)
  • Science (3)
  • Social Studies (3)
  • Foreign Language (2)
  • Electives (5)
  • Arts (1)
  • Health / P.E. (1)

Community Service Graduation Requirements (100 hours)

Freshmen / Sophomores – 20 hours/year

Juniors / Seniors – 30 hours / year

Our coursework requirements exceed the State of Florida graduation requirements.

Our graduates all meet or exceed coursework and service hour requirements for Florida Bright Future Scholarships.